6500 people sing for Daniel Radcllffe at the 2014 SDCC x

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There was a truly INCREDIBLE amount of shade being thrown about this on Facebook. That dude’s comment was only one of like 83462987. A small selection:



Like a machine gun going off.

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Harry James Potter (b. 31 July, 1980) was a half-blood wizard, the only child and son of James and Lily Potter, and one of the most famous wizards of modern times.

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While all of us can celebrate the return of the charmingly geeky, super enthusiastic field trip champion, Ms. Frizzle’s renewed presence in American living rooms is especially important for women and girls. That’s because, despite Ms. Frizzle’s unstoppable energy and daring thirst for adventure, real-world examples of her character — women who rock the science field — are lacking.

- Netflix is bring back ‘Magic School Bus’ and that’s huge for women in science (via policymic)

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#can you imagine if we left these 4 guys alone in the top floor of stark tower for like a month #or even just a week #SHIT WOULD GET DONE #we’d probably have interstellar travel in 3 days

i’m not a science expert. i’m not even a science novice. but that’s so interesting that these four would come up with interstellar travel when none of the 4 above are qualified as far as we know? reed richards in the mcu is just listed as a physicist, peter parker could only be linked with engineering + genetics, tony’s engineering, bruce banner is physicist in the 616 but i believe just radiology in the mcu.

know who IS an astrophysicist though?

know who has actually manipulated travel between realms? 

jane foster!

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Corgis sleeping


Corgis sleeping


…nope, I have no explanation. 

Luka, 7 months old, exposing his true husky derp.

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Had this cutie at work tonight. He just learned how to pick up his ears 😍


Realistic Pokemon - Created by Yuki Morita

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Smart phones are making us antisocial. [x]